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Indoor Air Quality - Topic Index

I’d like to be at the beach right now…or in the mountains. Wouldn’t you? The air is so good there. These are visions to keep in mind as we explore this topic. How can we make the air inside our homes as healthy as the air outside?

Is that even possible? Well, let me tell you one story from long ago. A client wanted me to run an extensive VOC (volatile organic compounds) test on a vacant but furnished cottage on her estate, in preparation for the arrival of her daughter and new grandchild. We’ll talk about this type of testing later but for now, I’ll just report the findings.

Two air tests were run, outside and inside, and yes, the inside test results were as good as the outside test results. How about that?! I remember thinking at the time: Just wait until the daughter arrives and the cottage is stocked with all sorts of products. That pristine quality will disappear.

Tests have repeatedly shown that outdoor air is typically healthier than indoor air. Many people think the reverse is true. In this section, we’ll explore the potential pollutants, talk about how they can be measured, and what to do about them.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Options

Choosing a Room Air Purifier

Common Indoor Air Pollutants


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