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  NOTE: May Dooley passed away in March 2024. This site will remain available as a tribute to her.

Contact May Dooley

NOTE: May Dooley passed away in March 2024. This site will remain up as a tribute to her.


Submitting Tape Samples

NOTE: The newest testing instructions (from March 2022) are available here as a PDF file.

Please use clear, transparent, glossy tape. Do not use Magic, Satin, or packing tape. For example, Scotch Transparent Tape is sold at Amazon in a package of two or four dispensers.

Mail the tape samples to:
1009 Hemlock Circle
Manheim, PA 17545

First class postage is fine. Please do not require a signature! Make sure to enclose your name, phone number, and an email address.

Note: Sometimes I make extended field trips of 2-3 weeks. A neighbor gets my mail and forwards tapes to where I am staying. If your job is a rush, please call ahead to get my temporary address.

If you have questions, either call or email me (contact info is above).


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